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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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hello i'm tom foreman in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture chaos erupted in the bay area as occupy oakland protesters were attacked last night with tear gas and rubber bullets so will the recent assault in california break the momentum of the movement or increase the power of the ninety nine percent demonstrators and it appears republicans in congress have caught on to president obama's strategy of trying to make them look well actually they are like the party of no they set a legislative trap of their own and they're daring the democrats to walk into it so one options loosely president obama. you need to know this occupy oakland turned into a war zone early this morning as police armed with flash grenades smoke bombs and
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rubber bullets shut down the encampment in the early hours of this morning just before five am roughly two hundred oakland police officers in riot gear surrounded the occupy oakland encampment you for moving in firing tear gas and shooting rubber bullets on peaceful protesters the raid took just twenty minutes and afterwards more than eighty people were arrested and the entire camp was dismantled and crashed including tents food and medical supplies it's like what happened in chicago over the weekend oakland resorted to violence to squash the ninety percent . first for the latest from occupy oakland i'm joined on the phone by joshua holland senior writer editor alter net joshua well. thanks for being with us joshua thanks for reporting from oakland do i have this right a caller on my radio show today said the babies and children were tear gassed last night. there was by all accounts quite a bit of violence i got here this morning i was not here swore in the morning or so
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when they actually moved here but the national boy are still kind of legal observers here and i've heard reports of. amounts of excessive force they report that there's been three injuries a head injury a couple of broken hands and national lawyers guild as a means of one hundred and five protestors and while are the protesters still in custody yes they're being held there's been conflicting reports earlier people were saying that they would be arraigned on thursday and they're being held on for ten thousand dollars. that seems to be true of the small number who are serious charges remaining at the site of a riot aaron. is sort of the contact has a lot of people are going to be accorded the l.g. they didn't release but that is the time consuming process here in oakland how do i know it's episode seven people are releasing that within an hour good enough to
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flee done in d.c. or at the worse overnight and we spent the better part of the day today trying to track down somebody who was actually there and the rest of them turns out they're all still in jail apparently plans for tonight what's going on and i you know. there's quite a bit of tension now outside the main public library which is about four blocks away from the floods that was evacuated and protesters here are defiant and they're saying that in about forty five minutes they're expecting to march back to the plaza to reclaim it however. there are perhaps. eighty police in riot gear there actually san francisco sheriff's department out that are guarding the plaza earlier was least part of this is a major major operation very costly and i'm not certain what the end game is because the protesters are power back though it's just they can they will do back
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in there's no way for the oakland police department or the area police department be gather to maintain this level of police presence in the fog. joshua holland thanks for being with us. very good record and i'd like to turn over to my panel joining me now in the studio chris powers campaign director caus and annabel park founder of the coffee party us welcome to both of you it's a great to have you with us just just to start the contras chris if you could the albany which was the absolute opposite apparently of what happened with josh was just describing an oakland albany san francisco which is kind of halfway between and over and if you could force one of the things we're definitely seeing is that the way that local law enforcement and local elected officials deal with occupy movements varies widely from city to city in albany there have been political pressure from governor andrew cuomo and from the mayor of albany to clear out the
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encampment that was placed on local law enforcement however as the police themselves said later on you know they know policing politicians don't and they've decided that simply that would be a bad idea the attorney general of the albany county in new york also agreed that it would be a bad idea for a variety of reasons including relationship with the local community and and you know tearing people away from their children who were at the encampment and just simply the amount of resources that would be involved clearly a diff every different decision was made in oakland where you had what seems to be a truly excessive amount of force that was used to frankly annihilate and shut down a scam and even though the occupation of the protesters continue something in san francisco was a little bit more in between where you had all this stuff was taken away from an encampment but the protesters themselves were not arrested so you're going to be treated respectfully by the police immediately just recently in san francisco. you
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know i wonder if the mare being here in washington d.c. the mayor of oakland might have had anything to do with the police going nuts in oakland with this this reminds me of the police right now the sixty eight chicago democratic convention the the mayor of oakland i know is under significant. political pressure right now facing a recall campaign and so that factored in just as the fall campaign from the left or from the right i don't know actually but you know recalls will usually draw support you know even if they're coming mostly from one side here while we see a decent number of supporters from from the other side show us a try to say yes you know i can reach out for your needs and a bill i'm speaking to nuna here enough is enough rally here on saturday october twenty ninth for the coffee parties. the coffee party usa occupy wall street. view all hanging out supportive of what's what's that's going to be here we have definitely been supportive of alcopops the wall street movement and see that we're
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all really coming from the same place a real discontent and really a lack of choices about what we can actually do to make a lot of lives better through the fight for changes but are the choices that i think for a lot of people who are so fed up that looking with people inside the government that we're feeling like the only thing left to do is really demonstrate to be out on the street and you know one of the. people who is going to be here and is unable to. change is a former chief partier who has we go over to the coffee party and now the occupy wall street you know i'm curious chris are you are you finding much of this phenomena i'm getting a lot of callers into my radio show people who are saying well see most of middle aged people boomers who are saying you know i was i was there for the tea parties just because i was mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore there was no other way to speak out and now i'm there for occupy wall street and our polling
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released the daily kos today showed that actually twelve percent of people who identify themselves as tea party supporters also supported occupy wall street so without one of the tea party members to appear to support occupy wall street but that also means that seven and eight but so there is some crossover. mostly they're mostly here they seem to be drawing separate supporters but there are some pretty it would be interesting to go back two years and you know find people who two and three years ago identify themselves as tea partiers because now there's been this kind of filtering and people who still call themselves tea partiers now would tend to be basically the republican base yeah we could certainly see a phenomenon similar to that with occupy wall street as time goes on occupy wall street is ahead of the tea party in the polls right now and has more supporters in every poll has a positive favorable rating but with more people viewing it favorably than negatively in more than a dozen polls at this point but when the tea party started it had a very positive favorable rating as well and that is that is certainly declined over time and now it's seen as a negative force by a plurality of americans whether or not occupy wall street's going to be able to
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maintain that positive view is going to be one of its biggest challenges going forward. and a build tonight albuquerque new mexico i'm on the air and albuquerque radio show and we've seen calls all afternoon from people talking about ten o'clock tonight they're going to take down the police are going to try and pull out oakland apparently. what's your sense of how. i mean you've been involved movement politics for some time what's your sense of how these kinds of actions. effect it's often the middle eastern from them i think you are overall strength of people's resolve and feel that there should be confident that their point of view that our government no longer belongs to us is actually right we're not crazy so i think it affirms like what we already suspect but in terms of what we can do because we have a system in which we don't have a mubarak we don't have somebody can just step down and everything will change we
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have a legal system with a certain laws that have to change over time and so i think it really is incurred if you figure out how to get people to work together to figure out a i would hash out how to change those laws and make it make it happen we can't just stay out on the street forever yeah yeah well to an issue that i spoke at one of your gigs a year ago chris the. somebody from the occupy wall street by me was. i called my radio show and said that they their general assembly had passed a resolution this is second hand i believe it to be true but i don't know that their general assembly passed a resolution to say corporations are not people money is not speech and corporate personhood and a topic that's near and dear to my heart but it seems like that's the cancer at the core of the whole thing to edibles point we don't have a barak who would step down but we have one hundred years of supreme court. rulings
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that have created this monster might that be the logical focus for this we have just about a minute left oh i think it already is the focus in a lot of ways we had a survey of we had twenty five thousand members of our community excited to go to occupy wall street events and after they went we asked them what they hoped that the movement would accomplish and the most common answer was reducing corporate power reducing take taking big money out of politics and in corporate and over personhood and while there are certainly a wide range of goals that people want to achieve that occupy wall street that seems to be the most common thing that people are saying reduce the power of wall street reduce the power of corporations over the government and guilty over time and there are movements to do that in addition so that's that's good news chris and bill thank you both for being here thank you very much appreciate it i'll have more on occupy wall street in just a moment but first. it's
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time for your for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's the question were violent tactics used by the oakland police to evict occupy oakland work your choices are yes to keep anyone away or no first they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you win gandhi. you think the poll will be open until tomorrow. coming up four hundred americans own more wealth than one hundred fifty million other americans combined so how did we get to this point it's one that. drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to prove it through if you've made who can you trust no one who is you know you with the global machinery see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sessions when nobody dares to
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ask we do our tea question more. you know there used to be a time in america when as the country got wealthier everyone got wealthy by world war two as president roosevelt franklin roosevelt's new deal was taken ill and
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a third of the workforce was unionized and we protected our domestic manufacturing industries and corporate monopolies were illegal everyone got wealthier in america and then something happened but wasn't reagan. and as this chart shows since nineteen eighty as the nation got wealthier only the top one percent got wealthier with the rest of us the ninety nine percent. screwed today we're looking at the ninety nine percent of the top one percent one thing is clear we're growing farther and farther apart from each other and that's why people are on the streets today and this is how it came to be that way lots of there's a lot of conversation about the top one percent you know who is the top one percent where they make their money how did how did all this happen you know we just pointed out the the average household income. and we'll come back to that in just
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a second but as union membership has collapsed here this is let me just point out this is from sixty seven to two thousand and seven here's the election of ronald reagan right here so union membership zucconi going along and then all of a sudden. like that union membership collapsing along with it is the wages going to average working people so what's the screen line here well this is the top one percent and here you get a little there was a little mini stock market crash during the reagan years and then there was the stock market crash during the bush years but basically if you would you know drew a line through this this is the trend line if you go that's the one percent getting richer and richer and richer as the other ninety nine percent along with union membership are collapsing. in addition to this we see average household income. this this is the bottom here we have the very bottom the black on the bottom twenty percent then you have the second twenty percent as the blue line then the third
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twenty percent this kind of the average median american as the red line has been flat this is from one hundred seventy nine was basically until from reagan p.m.i. coming into office until two thousand and seven and then that and then you know the next to the top twenty percent. and then the top twenty percent of these in aggregate are this is the one hundred percent top twenty percent done ok they've seen you've seen it they've seen their income go up but this number here is really weird this is not a twenty percent this isn't a quintile a fifth of the slice this is the top one percent again these protesters that you saw you know in oakland that you're seeing the video of they're talking about we are the ninety nine percent they are the one percent were there there's the one percent and again this little dip during the during the bush stock market crash a little bit during the reagan stock market crash with basically it was off to the races this was reagan one thousand nine hundred through reagan's first tax cut
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ninety six reagan second second tax cut on millionaires and billionaires and boom it has exploded so how has it exploded how has it fundamentally changed our economy how are we making our money now there's been a there's been a bunch of variables here not only was it ronald reagan's tax cuts in the one nine hundred eighty s. but also reagan stop enforcing the sherman antitrust act he stopped and foreseen the laws that prevented corporations from getting so big that you know they basically force all the small businesses out of out of business forced their competitors out of the marketplace and turn into trans national giants and then we have this whole free trade mania will just throw the country open to everybody but you know every country in the world and so you have transnational general electric making most of their money outside the united states exxon mobil all of these of these very many of these very large corporations so manufactured in one thousand
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nine hundred seven was twenty five percent of our economy was a quarter of our economy. right now in two thousand and nine eleven percent manufacturing has just collapsed so how do we keep an economy. this is called the fire economists finance insurance real estate rental and lisi and from forty nine hundred forty seven this is the little tiny fraction you know basically your banker was the you know the middle class guy who were green eyeshades and work banker hours and took your checking accounts and things like that and over time you know kind of went along and then and then here we are ronald reagan's election and boom off to the races as the manufacturing collapses what we have now is twenty one percent of our economy is is basically banking and and in addition to that thirty four percent of all corporate profits last year were in the banking sector no longer in manufacturing which has produced that that top one percent which means that this horizontal axis here is is wealth distribution
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inequality the most unequal country in the world usa actually portugal's just slightly more than the u.s. and this is the most unequal and then on this vertical scale is social ills and which include obesity mental disorders drug abuse teenage pregnancy imprisonment violence lack of social mobility lack of trust homicides and infant mortality notice the countries that are very equal you don't have a lot of millionaires you don't have a lot of poor people in japan sweden norway denmark you don't just fine but as we get more and more unequal we get sicker and sicker as a society and states which brings us back to here from one hundred forty seven to nine hundred seventy nine the that and four decades after the war as each of these of these of the fifths right each fifth we all did better that the top twenty percent didn't do spectacularly well now reagan gets elected and boom this is the top twenty percent of the top ninety five percent this is the top one percent.
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something's got to be done about this we've identified these bills it's time to make a change. in president obama just walk into a trap after three years of being told no the president figured he finally had republicans right where he wanted them either to see american jobs act a few weeks ago and watch republicans say no to three million new jobs in america he then introduced just one provision of his jobs act to put four hundred thousand teachers cops and firefighters back to work last week and watched republicans say no to that too and he was ready to introduce a new proposal creation or a new job creation a proposal each week and there are republicans to say no each and every time until
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it's time to run for reelection and then he could be harry truman and run against the republican do nothing congress and it was working well and then the republicans wised up this week democrats will repeat that republicans will force democrats to take a very uncomfortable vote they will combine one provision from president obama's jobs act conveniently the provision least likely to create new jobs the tax cut for federal contractors with another provision from the deficit reduction proposal also endorsed by the president it would kick senior citizens out of medicaid and they're going to dare the democrats to vote no. noting that both proposals were supported by the white house john boehner the office released a statement reading assuming they are since doing something jobs there is no reason whatsoever for the white house to oppose it in fact we hope this bipartisan action compels the white house to work with us on further jobs legislation there is common ground to be found between us but getting more done will require
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a willing partner in the white house so if you're public and just flip the tables on the president or you can he still cannot i'm sorry karl frisch progressive strategist a partner with both white strategies as well as a syndicated columnist and joins me now i. didn't do it was too smart by half here at the republicans figured out a way to beat him at his own game or how they figure out this is nothing new for the republicans this is the republican congress they came into power saying that their only goal. in their new majority was to defeat president obama in two thousand and twelve this plays right into that deck of cards i mean we're basically playing the shell game and the republicans have removed a little peanut underneath the shell. there's no but you know it's one of it and they've eaten a peanut. here or you know they maybe even the koch brothers. peanuts and coke but what we're really looking at here is what republicans assume is smart politics.
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this is the result of obama again triangulating with only two sides of a triangle. when you offered a compromise before you giving the stuff to the table this type of stuff happens but this republican congress has never gone with the president on anything you know handful of senators right when he became president they voted on a few specific things the stimulus for example that's it here since then they've done nothing in the republican house of representatives even less i mean i used to make jokes about john boehner you know being so warren g. is really not that. he is controlled by. i other people he has no control over his own caucus and he's doing the bidding of the theater and you have to know the tea parties read things that they write and it's a position that eric cantor may relish because i think he's his way to stick to shivan it's writers back politically. doesn't seem to relish at all i know i think he would much rather be the traditional role of speaker brokering
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a deal you know it's probably have three packs a day and six went to his you know it's a problem when we long for the days of speaker gingrich who was willing to make a compromise to get something done this this congress is not so just to just to recap what we're talking about here president obama's put a whole bunch of different pieces on the table he said basically we can bake and break up my jobs bill which has hundreds of pieces and so there's all these pieces floating around and he's going to take the good stuff and throw them out one once every week and the public and this is a really crummy one and this is a really crummy one let's slam together and dare the democrats to vote no on it or not is crummy tom think of it i mean they're worse than a tax cut for government contractors what this this thing that they want to get rid of is since they had this three percent surcharge that they put on government contractors because there was a big problem of government contractors not paying their taxes so this money was held aside under the guise that this is going to be the tax money if you don't pay up and pay your taxes so what are republicans actually advocating here that they're
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advocating tax fraud it's ridiculous so that's how you create jobs in this country enabling you know if you don't get tax write happened we can't have new jobs you know it karl it is always seemed to me. politicians and parties that have strong core values even if they are a little outside of the mainstream you know maybe barry goldwater was too far outside of the mainstream. and unarguably george mcgovern but if if they're. within the boundaries of it. people followed them through and you know even people who strongly disagreed with george bush never had any doubt about where he stood or at least that's the myth that we've been left with and he and same with reagan you know created that image that impression is there in your opinion you're a democratic strategist is there a sense among the amount of american populace that president obama and or the
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democratic party or poll with. i have a ground on which they stand that doesn't i think there is the problem is that you can give us as democrats seventy percent approval of the things that we want to accomplish we want to make the wealthy and the big corporations pay their fair share seventy five eighty percent of the american people support that nearly two thirds of republicans in some polls support that and yet we can squander that so our big problem is not sticking to our guns it's not that people don't know what we stand for or support what we stand for it's that we don't stick to when the president comes out and you know i think you know he's gotten a lot of guff from republicans who say you know he's just he's too intellectual to make a deal with you know he he doesn't pal around like clinton used to well i actually think that that's why he's why he does what he does and that is he looks at a problem he says ok republicans are going to want something from me if we're going to get this through let's put it in there let's cut to the chase but you'd think
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after doing this time and time and time again that he realizes the evidence on its heart that somebody is here to take him to a middle eastern bazaar about. negotiate for their rug. it's the same question about the republican party is there a sense of the republican party has core values because now it's increasingly it seems like the only value they have is doing what the top one percent they have a core value and you are showing those charts it's gone through the roof it's very profitable their core value i think the american people know what the republicans stand for and they don't like it. they certainly know that republicans stand for the wealthy and you know it's interesting to watch republicans of all of. negotiating with the president you know their version of negotiating is ok will you give us two of our things and we'll give you none of your things. it's like my niece did when she was in kindergarten you know before she learned to share i just
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it's fascinating to me watching them with all those people she for a party that doesn't believe in evolution. is it just really quick enough is enough really saturday at the capitol going to be there i will be there with for the senior absolutely karl thank you very much publicans aren't looking out for the one percent they're actually looking out for the two tenths of one percent analysis by citizens for tax justice found that the new surtax on millionaires being proposed to help pay for millions of new jobs in america will only affect just two tenths of one percent of the population that's it that's a republican so protective with each one of their filibusters just the two tenths of one percenters so it looks like it's time to start anew moment we are the ninety nine per point eight percent. crazy alert elvis has left the building and so is all of us and all of us and all of us and all those more than sixty elvis impersonators had to flee
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a hotel convention in the united kingdom after a smoke machine set off a fire alarm as one hotel guest described the scene oh is it a bit of a state getting out of my room i was more confused when i got outside to see all these people dressed as all of us are people in full elvis jumpsuits and wigs several dozen men donning pompadours gladdie sunglasses and what rhinestone jumpsuits might be an unusual sight across the pond in the u.k. in las vegas it's called tuesday. coming up wiki leaks is running out of money a financial blockade by bankers is forcing the whistleblowers out of business but the banks they're seen john as fine bloody groups like the big banks. drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to create a little bit through who can.


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